Colonial Architecture Project

Photos of European colonial architecture around the world

by Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Bader Chair in Southern Baroque Art, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada


Algonquin altar Anglican aqueduct arch art deco art gallery art nouveau atrial cross bakery bank barn Baroque barracks beaux-arts blockhouse brewery bridge bungalow Burmese style calvary canal carriageway Case Créole cathedral cemetery cenotaph chapel chattel house chinoiserie church cinema clubhouse college company headquarters convent courthouse customs house dam endangered or destroyed exhibition hall factory farm fire station fisherman's house flagstaff flemish bond brickwork forest fort fountain gardens gate Georgian Gingerbread House gothic government building half-timbered harbour hospice hospital hotel Huron Indo-Saracenic Indonesian neo-vernacular Jacobean Japanese style Jesuit Khmer Style kiln kitchen laboratory Lao style laundry library lighthouse lock log construction Mannerist market martello tower meetinghouse metal frame Methodist milestone mill mint mission Modernism mohawk monastery monument Moravian Church mosque Mudéjar Mughal mural painting museum Neoclassical Neocolonial Neogothic observatory office building open chapel orphanage palace Palladian park pavilion pharmacy pier plantation house police station posa chapel post office power station praying town pre-Hispanic press prison pueblo style pulpit Quaker railway ramparts Renaissance reservoir Rococo Romanesque saltbox Salvation Army school sculpture seminary sentry box Shaker shop shophouse shrine Siamese style Sisters of Cluny Society for the Propagation of the Gospel square stables staircase steeple sundial synagogue tabernacle Tamil style temple tenement theatre tomb tower town hall townhouse train station UNESCO Vietnamese style villa warehouse wind tower woman architect
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